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Spaces That POP Book

Spaces That POP Book

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What's in this book:
  • 17 different design styles
  • Brief commentary about each style and how it relates to the others
  • Lots of examples of each style so you can look and see what gets you excited
  • A worksheet with some direction to help you get in touch with which styles you respond to and why

I wrote a book! All of this is the culmination of working with close friends and family to redesign their spaces, and fielding hundreds of questions from the POP community at large about how to improve their homes.

I also wanted my home to feel a certain way, but I couldn’t afford an interior designer, and I also didn’t want to become an interior designer. I needed someone to give me the basics in order to take action, but I didn’t necessarily want or need to become an expert on this stuff. Based on a lot of your comments, I wonder if you feel the same way.

I basically asked myself, “what do I wish I knew about design and DIY principles ten years ago? What would have helped saved me money and time while getting me closer to the feeling I wanted to create in my home?”

This book is the first piece of that puzzle.

This is the first thing I wish I could go back in time and give to myself as I was struggling to make my apartments beautiful and functional.

Before design principles, before DIY project or tool tutorials, I needed to have a better understanding of design styles. I needed to have a better sense of what the different styles were, why certain things worked together, and what I was really trying to replicate in my own spaces. I notice now that I was latching on to certain trends or elements that I liked, without necessarily understanding how everything needed to work together to make a space cohesive.

And when I was teaching my “From House to Home” course a few years back, I looked for a resource that would fill this gap, but I was never happy with what I found. All the design books have sections about design styles, but usually not enough of them, and usually not with enough examples to get a true sense of what each style is, and how it differs or is similar to other styles.

I found tons of articles online about individual styles, but then you’re chasing site after site, some of which contradict each other, and many of which are still sparse on examples.

So I decided to make the thing that I really wish I had at that time. One resource that collected a good amount of design styles, provided a little commentary on each, but mostly just provided lots of beautiful examples of each style so people could look and start responding to the pictures, start getting a feel for what they really liked and why.

I hope you find it helpful and enjoy!



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